A new progress in operating the power system of Vietnam

A new progress in operating the power system of Vietnam - 

On Jan 6, 2016, the National Power System Dispatching Center (A0) held an event of official putting the Power System and New Power Market Controlling Center into operation. The Centre operates on basis of supervisory control and data acquisition and energy management systems (SCADA/EMS) newly put into operation. Deputy.Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai attended the event.

Ribbon cutting ceremony of officially putting Power System and New Power Market Controlling Center.

This is an important event, marking a significant progress in applying advanced science and technology to power system, affirming Vietnam power industry not only to catch up with the power industry in ASEAN countries but also achieve equal advanced countries in the world.

Currently, the whole power system is an united and synchronized entity, devolved from national to regional levels, so data exchange possibility would be more accurate and timely.

The new system has a number of preeminent features as possibility to send signals for controlling capacity of every unit in power system from the control room of the Dispatching Center; estimating, simulating the situations of putative breakdowns based on the newest actual operating regime of the power system; collecting information on situation of equipment in the system and make the plans for it’s repair and maintenance; confirming and putting forward the parameters and actual operating states of the power system.

With the above preeminent functions, the power system operation and power market transaction works become easier due to rapid update of the actual situation of the system; the electricity demand assessment, supervision and forecast are efficiently supported; and the work to make the more accurate, timely and suitable schedules to mobilize power generators for meeting consumption of the customers, through the offers and complying market laws ‘cheap take, expensive stop’.

Besides, the scientific and technologic applications have been developed as automatic control station without people on duty, hotline electrical repair, equipping electronic meters for customers ...

That, putting into operation the Power System and New Power Market Controlling Center, affirms the solid steps in investing high-tech application effectively and suitably with actual conditions of EVN power system

In future, many new technological applications will continue to be improved and supplemented in EVN with an aim to raise quality of electricity supply and reliability, safety and effect in operating power system.

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