U.S assist Vietnam in development of nontraditional gases

U.S assist Vietnam in development of nontraditional gases - 

On June 12-13, 2014, the United States Embassy in Ha Noi and General Department of Energy (Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam) held a conference on Unconventional Gas Technical Assistance Program (UGTEP).

The conference was organized under the sponsorship of the United State – Asia Pacific Comprehensive Energy Partnership Program (USACEP) with the participation of Colorado Mining School. The conference focused on the technical aspects of sustainable development of nontraditional gases such as shale gas, or gas between the coal seams ... in the region. The Conference shared lessons about safe and efficient developing nontraditional gases with the representatives of APEC member economies and ASEAN member nations.

At the conference, Economic Counselor of US Embassy Laura Stone said: "In recent years the United States realized a lot of benefits from the development of nontraditional natural gases as energy security and global industrial competitive ability promotion, unemployment decrease, and a series of benefits on environment and economy. "

At present, US is the first nation successfully in creating the most advanced technology for exploiting natural gases from the continental layers, under the stone, sand and shale stratums…named the nontraditional gases.

Today, the demand for new energy sources serving industry and modern life is becoming extremely urgent. Especially, when the traditional energy sources are more and more scarce and unstable.

A familiar energy source is liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) produced from oil. Both traditional gas and liquefied petroleum gas are commonly used to provide heat for cooking and living. However, the Governments of the countries around the world desire the exploitation of the new replaced fuel sources.

The Technique of the new type for gas exploitation will help Vietnam and other developing countries to achieve a considerable reserve of nontraditionalgases, while limiting the worse effects on the environment.

The success of the conference will open for Vietnam a great opportunity in developing industries and modernizing country and limiting dependence on traditional energy sources and promote closed cooperation between Vietnam and United States in a lot of the new fields.

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