The Production and business situation of PVN in the first quarter of 2019

The Production and business situation of PVN in the first quarter of 2019 - 

Information from the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) shows that in the first quarter of 2019, the group basically completed the targets and plans and at the same time continued to perfect the activities on restructuring, improving labor productivity and competitiveness, ensuring the social security and welfare.

For specific example: 4 among 5 appraisal exploratory drilling wells have been completed, field development activities were actively carried out.

Almost the production targets of the Group have been exceeded from 2 to 8% of the first quarter plans. Activities on safety and maintaining the regime of duty for 24/24 hours on the occasion of the Lunar New Year were strictly implemented by petroleum contractors and PVN units, communication was maintained smoothly, and all of the units in the Group kept the normal production and business rate.

The total turnover of the Group was VND 162.7 trillion, exceeding 6.3% of the first quarter plan and equal to 26.6% of the year plan. State budget remittance was 23.5 trillion dong, 9.2% higher than the first quarter plan and equal to 27.0% of the year plan.

The investment projects of the Group and its member units were strictly controlled. The leadership of the group regularly reported to the higher authorities on the progress, difficulties and obstacles in order to get timely solutions to remove and support the group to implement.

The activity on social security was implemented according to commitments. The group and its member units also implemented many activities with a total value of about VND 30 billion. Besides, on the occasion of Youth month, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of PVN strongly implemented volunteering activities for community life with a total value of VND 1,736 million; donating 132 units of blood; supporting to build the cultural, gratitude and great unity houses in several provinces and cities in the country.

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