The Prime Minister has assigned duties for the new Chairman of PVN

The Prime Minister has assigned duties for the new Chairman of PVN - 

At the morning of January 03, 2018, the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc handed the Decision to appoint the Chairman of the Member Council of Vietnam National Petroleum Group (PVN) for Mr. Tran Sy Thanh.

Prime Minister (PM) Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaking at the ceremony

Speaking at the ceremony, Prime Minister (PM) Nguyen Xuan Phuc, praised and high appreciated the efforts and results PVN has achieved recent time when it faced the outside and inside challenges as a volatile context of the world situation, oil prices decreased for many years, East Sea situation complicatedly developed, a number of cadres of the Group were subject to criminal punishments.

PM said, we have a proverb: “Fire proves gold, ardouos challenge”, with a good tradition of the brave and devoted workers PVN has maitained solidarity, discipline in order to successfully complete the 2017 plan with the implementation of overproduction of crude oil and gas. PVN continues to confirm it as one of the leading enterprises of industry and trade field contributing to the general achievements of the country.

PM emphasized the position, role of PVN in the cause of the natioanal building and defense as carrying out at the same time the economical (effective production and business) and political (national defense security) tasks, contributing to affirm and protect national sovereignty, guaranteeing energy security and being an entity to raise the image of Vietnam on the international arena. Due to this very important possition of PVN, Central Committee, Politburo and Party affairs Committee of Government have decided to assign Mr. Tran Sy Thanh, a member of Central Committee as the Chairman of PVN.

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc presents flowers to the new Chairman of PVN Tran Sy Thanh

On the occasion, PM asked Mr. Tran Sy Thanh and PVN leadership to concentrate carying out a number of the tasks:

Firstly, continuing to maintain, promote solidary spirt, overcome all challenges, define responsibilities for completing heavy duties assigned by the Party and State

Secondly, directing to implement the solutions and operate the development strategy of Vietnam Oil and Gas Industry and PVN to 2025 with a vision up to 2030 in accordance with the Resolution No 41 of Politburo and Decisions No 1748, 1749 of Prime Minister.

Thirdly, following close behind the East Sea situations, co-ordinating well with the concerning agencies to develop the offshore oil and gas projects on Vietnam continental shelf.

Fourly, reviewing and restructuring the resources, implementing arrangement, equitazation and disvestment in 2017 – 2020 as approved. Speeding up to submit the project “Comprehensive restructuring Vietnam National Oil and Gas Corporation in 2017 – 2020” to Prime Minister in the first quarter of 2018.

Fifthly, concentrating to direct implementation of the national key projects as Blue Whale, Lot B… especially dealing with the issues related to Nghi Son Refinery accrding to requirement of the Politburo for overcoming the postpone situation ò the project, Dung Quat Refinery upgreding and expanding, power projects…

Sixthly, The PVN chairman, member council and director must direct to handle the shortcomings of 5 projects with a lot of weakness and long-term losses as Dinh Vu fibre, Dung Quat Shipyards and 3 biofuel projects.

Seventhly, continuing to reduce the costs, resist wasteful and negative activities, improve production efficiency….

Receiving the comments from PM, Mr. Tran Sy Thanh expressed his honour and deep awareness of personal responsibility to complete the assigned tasks.

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