The over 3 billion m3 of gas has been collected at Rong – Doi Moi field

The over 3 billion m3 of gas has been collected at Rong – Doi Moi field - 

Vietnam Gas Corporation (PV GAS) informed that the over 3 billion cubic meters of gas has been collected at Rong – Doi Moi field so far.

Rong – Doi Moi field

Rong – Doi Moi Dragon-Tortoise Shell) field Gas collection project is the first offshore gas collection one with 100% investment of PV GAS. Vietnam - Russia Joint Venture (Vietsoptro-VSP) is respossible for design, construction and operation of the project in a package deal. The investment project had been set up in record short term and the construction was completed prior to the planed schedule for 5 months and 22 days, that leaded to a benefit of 22.5 million dollars due to the ealier operation of the project.

Dragon gas compressor system began operation on November 30th, 2010 for collecting, receiving and treating associate gas from Rong - Doi Moi area, Lot 09.1 and compressing it into gaslift to serve a need of oil exploitation of VSP in Rong area for reducing the amount of gaslift compasated from the compressor centre. By this way, the project indirectly contributes to increase gas production from Mekong field to the shore that is the input for PV GAS to process LPG and dry gas, to bring a benefit for PVN/PV GAS and the country. The project is estimated to collect about 2.56 billion cubic meters of gas.

After three year operation, the project has collected and transmited 1 billion cubic meter of gas to the shore. To the beginning of April 2014, VSP has transmited 26.7 m3 of gas to the shore. In this success Rong gas compressor system contributed not a small part.

This event has recorded a significant mark for Rong – Doi Moi gas collection project, confirms a good cooperation between Vietsopetro and PV Gas, shows an active and creative spirit of collective PV GAS under the PVN close steering

This is also a mark recognizing the efforts and contribution of leaders, officers and staffs of VSP Gas Project Exploitation Unit, and O&M Supervising Team of the South East Gas Transport Company, and the units under these two units, which are night and day operating the compressor system in a safe, stable and effective way, that indirectly contributes to increase Mekong gas production to the shore.

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