The government requires PetroVietnam to concentrate all the forces for comprhensive restructure

The government requires PetroVietnam to concentrate all the forces for comprhensive restructure - 

The Vice Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has required PetroVietnam (PVN) to concentrate all the forces for comprehencive restructuring the group from the parent company to the member units in a compact and efficient direction.

On February 21, 2018, Vice Prime Minister. Trinh Dinh Dung in company with Mr. Nguyen Hoang Anh, the Chairmen of Management Committee of State Capital at Enterprise and leaders of a number of ministries and central agencies visited and congratulated the New Year cadres and employees of PVN.

Talking to PVN labors, Mr. Trinh Dinh Dung expressed that the presence of himself and leaders of ministries, agencies on the first working day of the New Year confirms the trust, support and companionship of government, ministries and central agencies with PVN to overcome all the difficulties for the steady development and keeping the role of the one of the leading economic corporations ò the country. In overal achievement of the whole country in 2017, it was an important contribution of PVN. The most of production targets assigned by government, PVN completed in excess of 3 to 53 days, contibuting a significant part to GDP grouth rate and balancing the state budget in 2017.

To step by step implement the development strategy and complete the 2018 plan, Vice Prime Minister asked PVN to overcome the existing difficulties, recent challenges shortcomings, and carry out a number of priority tasks as stabilizing the organizations, ideas of the staffs, having solutions for mobilyzing domestic and international resources for development, speeding up the projects bihind of schedule and handling the project with the losses.

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