The first Oil flow from Dua Mine

The first Oil flow from Dua Mine - 

According to Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PVN), the Premier Oil has officially open N3P well of the Dua Mine, 12W Lot, Vietnamese continental shelf, with an oil flow of about 3,500 barrels per day.

Dua Mine (Coconut Mine) is exploited by a three well underground system, mining products will be transported through a 17 km internal pipeline system to the existing FPSO ship at Chim Sao (Myna) Mine. After opening the first well the next wells 1P and 2P, in turn, will put into operation in Aug. 2014, with a total oil production of the mine about 8,000 barrels per day.

The 12W Lot Dua - Chim Sao mining project with an area of 1724 square kilometers, located in Vung Tau offshore Nam Con Son, under a joint venture project between partners of Premier Oil Vietnam Offshore (POVO) BV (POVO holds 28.125 percent of interests, Santos - 31.87 percent, Premier Oil LLC - 2 percent and PetroVietnam Exploration and Production Corporation (PVEP) -15 percent) and POVO is the Executive Director.

By the close collaboration between PVEP functional departments, boards, the contractors and POVO, with a concerning, close steering and timely encouraging of the PVN and PVEP Leadership, in the process of project implementation the plan to take the first commercial oil flow (first oil) from Dua Mine was carried out in time.

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