The first commercial gas flow from Thai Binh field

The first commercial gas flow from Thai Binh field - 

PetroVietnam Exploration and Production Corporation (PVEP) informed: the Project on Development the Thai Binh Gas Field, at 102-106 Lots of Song Hong Basin offshore Gulf of Tonkin under the PCOSB Operator has given the first commercial gas flow of a 5 million cubic feet per day output (1 cubic foot is equivalent to 0.028 cubic meter) from TB-1P Well.

The first commercial gas flow from TB-1P well at 102-106 Lots, Thai Binh field.

The next TB-2 well will be put into operation in the several forthcoming days and then the output of the mine is expected to be increased up to 20 million cubic feet per day depending on gas demand of the consumers in Thai Binh province.

According to the design, the Thai Binh field will be exploited pursuant to a model as follows: from the automatic control wellhead rig (WHP), untreated dry gas is brought to the gas collecting cluster ashore through a 20 km length gas pipeline invested by PVGAS before being put into a low pressure system to the consumers.

The investment for the project is: PCOSB Moderator - 57.14%, PVEP - 20% and SPC - 22.86%.

The successful development of Thai Binh gas field at 102-106 Lots has a great significance, because this is the first one of the 4 fields having FO/FG of PVEP in 2015 and contributes to the completion of 2015 oil and gas production plan of PVN in 2015.

Besides, the event also has an important economic and political significances, because after 34 years since receiving the first gas flow from Tien Hai C - Thai Binh field far, this is the second gas field in Northern region to be put into development for timely meeting the gas consumption demand, promoting economic development and ensuring energy stable supply for gas industrial parks in Thai Bình and neighboring provinces in the state of exhausting gas output at Tien Hai C field and opening a bright future for gas industry development in the Northern region.

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