Successfully launching the topside of BK-20 drilling rig

Successfully launching the topside of BK-20 drilling rig - 

Vietnam - Russia Oil and Gas Joint Venture (Vietsovpetro) has just completed the onshore construction work and successfully launched the topside block of BK-20 drilling rig, belonging to Bach Ho field.

The topside of BK-20 drilling rig weighing 897 tons, is designed in the form of integration with an un-manned rig, sub-main deck and helipad.

In comparison with the previous projects which had many components to be bought or leased for making, today a lot of important components of BK-20 rig such as pressure vessels, inlet manifold skid, gaslift distribution skid, gaslift filter, standby diesel generator & air compressors room, electrical & instrument room, living room, transformer room, battery room; and MCC, ICSS systems and WCP wellhead control cabinets has been designed, procured and made by very member units of Vietsovpetro.

At 5.30 am on 09/25/2019 Vietsovpetro in coordination with Lilama 18 and Vietranstimex subcontractors successfully launched topside of BK-20 rig to VSP-05 barge.

It is expected, the topside of BK-20 rig will be installed at the sea on September 29, 2019. The Construction Enterprise is assigned to install, connect, improve the works on the sea, and in coordination with the Mining, Electromechanical Enterprises and Information Technology Center to carry out commissioning, test operating the project with a goal to complete the First Oil plan at the end of October 2019 as scheduled.

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