Successful launching the base of BK-21 wellhead rig at White Tiger field

Successful launching the base of BK-21 wellhead rig at White Tiger field - 

On 13/5/2020, at the manufacturing site, the Enterprise for Constructing, Surveying and Repairing Petroleum Exploitation Projects (Construction Enterprise) has successfully launched the base of BK-21 uninhabited wellhead rig for White Tiger field to VSP-05 barge.

BK-21 base is on VSP 05 barge.

BK-21 rig is located near fixed MSP6, MSP7 rigs. The products exploited from BK21 will be transported to MSP6 rig by underground pipeline. BK-21 rig receives Gas-lift and seam press water from the MSP7 rig and electricity from MSP6 rig.

The Construction Enterprise used its available resources and experience to carry out manufacturing onshore base of BK-21 by 16 days ahead of schedule and successfully launching it.

BK-21 rig designed and manufactured by Vietsovpetro, including base with a wharf, temporary drilling platform, riser and J-tube pipelines, upper block ... for 9 exploitation wells with following volumes: base is 632 tons, piles - 809 tons, wharf -39 tons, temporary drilling platform - 47 tons, upper block – 950 tons, gas discharge tub – 5 tons.

Volume of superstructure (950 tons); Volume need to discharge gas (5 tons).

Manufacturing, installing, adjusting, testing and putting into operation BK-21 rig have very important meaning in increasing oil and gas production and ensuring Vietsovpetro to fulfill the production and business plan in 2020.

Construction Enterprise will strive to promote the internal force for improving quality, reducing costs of the products and fulfilling the tasks assigned by the Vietnam-Russia Joint Venture (Vietsovpetro) Board.


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