PVN strives to put six new mines into exploitation in 2015

PVN strives to put six new mines into exploitation in 2015 - 

This information was announced by PVN at the Labor Conference – 2015 of Petrovietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) on January 14, 2015 in Hanoi.

Speaking at the conference, PVN Chairman Nguyen Xuan Son praised the achievements of the parent company - the PVN in managing, operating entire activities of the petroleum industry, contributed to the results of production and business of the Group in 2014.

In 2014, PVN made very well its executing role, direct production and business, completed exceedingly the assigned targets and tasks, from that a lot of them was fulfilled ahead of time.

Production of domestic crude oil exceeded year plan for 1.18 million tons that contributed a significant part to the GDP growth rate of the country in 2014 as 5.98%. PVN handed to the state budget over VND37.6 trillion exceeding the plan and taking an important part for the government to balance budget of 2014.

Enterprise restructuring business in parent company apparatus was undertaken strictly according to the government direction, labor safety was guaranteed, social living security works were done following to the commitments, the life of workers and officials were stable, the recommendations of the employees were well resolved and information was provided satisfactorily.

In 2015, PVN strives to fulfill the planed targets of production and business as signing from 3-4 new oil contracts, including 1-2 oversea contracts and striving to put 6 new petroleum mines/projects into exploitation.

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