PVN production rate is stable in fluctuation of oil prices

PVN production rate is stable in fluctuation of oil prices - 

“Oil prices reduced and maintained at a low level make a lot of difficulties for the petroleum searching, exploring and exploiting companies to deploy exploring projects; for the processing companies to compete with import products; and, specially,  for the service companies due to reducing amount of work and service cost. However, PVN still keeps the good production and business rates” Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh, PVN Communist Party Committee Secretary and Member Council Chairman expressed at the forth conference of the Party Executive Committee (2015 – 2020 term).

Whole photo of the forth conference of the Party Executive Committee (2015 – 2020 term).

In his report, Mr. Khanh also showed, in spite of the difficulties, PVN has exceeded production targets of September and first nine months of 2016, the activities of practicing economy and anti-waste were implemented seriously.

In nine months, PVN has diminished over VND 7,400 billion. The business restructuring, scientific and technologic, manpower training activities were deployed actively. The environmental safe activities, occupational safety, fire prevention on oil and gas projects were guaranteed, strictly implemented and closely monitored. The social welfare activities were actively implemented under the commitments.

In IV quarter 2016, PVN will concentrate conclusively to implement regular solutions under the Action Program of the Group in 2016, focus to complete the targets and plans of last three months and the whole year 2016, continue to direct its units in implementing business restructuring activities as approved.

On the other hand, PVN will coordinate with relevant organizations to deploy activities in the offshore deep waters to contribute to firmly protect the sovereignty and national territorial waters integrity; strengthen inspecting and monitoring all activities of the group, directing the member units for self-test to timely overcome the shortcomings in order to achieve the planed objectives.

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