PVN leaders working in Kuwait and Japan

PVN leaders working in  Kuwait and  Japan - 

A PetroVietnam (PVN) mission headed by the President Nguyen Quoc Khanh attended  Kuwait and  Japan on April 6 - 12 to promote developing petroleum cooperation projects.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh discussing with Mr. Anas Khaled Al-Saleh

According Information from PVN said: accepting the invitation of Kuwait National Petroleum Ministry, the PVN mission attended the 4th Kuwait Oil &Gas Summit on April 11-12. The Summit was an occasion for petroleum companies in the world, especially the Middle-East to discuss the current situation as well as opportunities, challenges and development trends of petroleum industry in coming years.

On April 11, President Nguyen Quoc Khanh had an audience with Mr. Anas Khaled Al-Saleh, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Acting Minister of Petroleum Ministry cum President of Management Council of National Petroleum Corporation of Kuwait (KPC).

At the meeting, Mr. Anas K. Al-Saleh expressed thanks to Vietnamese government for support and PVN for assistance and cooperation for Kuwait side, generally and Kuwait partners, particularly. Mr. Anas K. Al-Saleh high appreciated successful cooperation of PVN in project implementation process and acknowledged efforts of both sides in overcoming difficulties to achieve the progress and successes at the present. He also confirmed, Kuwait government would care for and support bilateral cooperation with effectiveness and mutual benefit, and moving forward to a long term cooperation.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh confirmed goodwill of PVN in cooperation and creating favorable conditions for Kuwait petroleum partners to develop cooperative projects and suggested Kuwait government, related ministries, agencies and petroleum companies to strengthen cooperation with Vietnamese side in developing petroleum projects in Vietnam and the third country in the future.

Regarding Nghi Son refinery project (NSRP), PVN suggested Kuwait side to pay attention to put the project into operation in time, assist PVN to effectively implement executive sales contracts for NSRP products and create maximal condition for companies of PVN (PV Trans, PTSC, PV Drilling) to participate in providing services, products (crud oil transportation, insurance, management/operation human resources, drilling, technical services, material and fuel supply for test run…) for the project.

In the exchange of ideas between leaders of PVN and KPC, KPI (Kuwait Petroleum International Company), both sides agreed, there is a very high potential for cooperation relationship between PVN and Kuwait partners and raising this relationship to strategic partnership: jointly promote investment to new projects as NSRP extension, crude oil interim entrepot of Kuwait for Asia market in Vietnam, oil strategic stockpile of Vietnam, plants for producing chemicals and catalysts, collaboration for distributing petroleum products in Vietnam, facilitating KPC to become a strategic shareholder of PVOil, when it equitized by the end of 2016 and Kuwait to become a clue for petroleum services (EPC, O&M, others…) of PVN in Arab Gulf region.

Before Kuwait Summit, PVN mission has been to Japan on April 6-8 for working with Japanese partners as Idemitsu, MOECO, JGC…

Mr. Takashi Tsukioka, General Director of Idemitsu Kosan expressed thanks to PVN for creating favorable conditions for Idemitsu to implement investment projects in Vietnam an committed to develop investment cooperation projects with PVN by the best way. At present Idemitsu has a 35% share in Nghi Son Refinery Project (together with KPI, Mitsui and PVN), that has a capacity of 10 million tons of crude oil per year and will be tested by the end of 2016 and commercially operated in 2017.

Idemitsu also participates in a series of projects as VRJ (Lot 09-3), Lot 05.1 (b,c)…and in the first step has achieved the encouraging results. Besides, Idemitsu expressed its interest in petroleum retail market in Vietnam and willing to consider participation when PVOil carrying out equitization.

At the meeting with Mr. Koichi Kawana, General Director of JGC, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh asked JGC and other contractors in EPC consortium of NSRP to take measures to develop the project in time and quality and put it into test run by the end of 2016 and commercial operation by 2017.

At the meeting with MOECO, PVN President and Mr. Mitsuo Hidaca, MOECO General Director exchanged views related to promoting development of Lot B – Omon gas projects – the main point projects of PVN and MOECO/PTT (Thailand) in line with energy strategy and planning of Vietnam as well as providing the best economic efficiency for participants of the projects

On this occasion, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh, PVN President has suggested to Kuwait government the important messages on promoting bilateral cooperation and concrete measures for key issues and Mr. Anas Khaled Al-Saleh, Deputy Prime Minister, Acting Minister of Petroleum Ministry of Kuwait has confirmed to support the cooperation on guidelines and policies, and direct KPC and KPI to continue the efforts for collaboration with PVN on technical aspect of NSRP. The Minister also hoped to visit PVN and NSRP in the framework of the official visit to Vietnam of Kuwait Prime Minister on May 2016.

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