PVN has finished 2016 exploiting plan

PVN has finished 2016 exploiting plan - 

On December 28, 2016, PVN implemented exploitation of 15,02 million ton of crude oil to remark finishing it’s 2016  exploiting plan.

Previously, on November 29, 2016, PVN already finished gas exploiting target with 9.608 billion m3

2016 is the consecutive eighth year PVN exceed the exploiting plan with total production of 27.73 million ton of equivalent oil, among which exceeded production to year plan of oil as 7.3%, gas as 9.7%.

To achieve this success in situations when the world market oil prices mournfully fell (44$/barrel), all of PVN fields had to maximally cut the costs and even some of them ware likely to stop exploitation, PVN had outstanding efforts for directing its units to mobilize all means and manpower, realize all solutions to finish and exceed petroleum exploiting plan.

The active and timely solutions PVN already took to ensure the productions at 30 domestic fields as to carry out the measures for increasing equipment operation factor, oil recovery ratio; and activities of equipment maintenance and repair; and to put into operation two new projects as Thien Ung field and RC-9 drilling rig.

Besides, in 2016 PVN also implemented well activities for management and optimal exploitation of the fields, and for shortening repair and maintenance process at the projects; and as well as received the timely support from management agencies in assessing and approving additional works that contributed to production increase.

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