PVN has exceeded many targets of 2019 plan

PVN has exceeded many targets of 2019 plan - 

Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) has completed over two months for the 4 targets in year plan as increasing the oil and gas reserves, total turnover, state budget payment and consolidated after- tax profits.

The remaining targets have been exceeded from 5% - 8% in comparison with the year plan (the domestic oil and gas exploitation were exceeded respectively 7.5% and 8.0%; the nitrogen fertilizer, electricity and gasoline production were exceeded respectively 8.0%, 5.5% and 6.2%).

A number of targets estimated in 11 months of 2019 as: electricity generation was 20.61 billion kWh, equal to 95.4% the year plan; Nitrogen production - 1,416 million tons, equal to 97.9% the year plan; petroleum production - 10,523 million tons, equal to 92.7% the year plan.

The total turnover and state budget payments in the 11 months of 2019 were estimated respectively: at VND 685.01 trillion, exceeding 11.9% the year plan, expected in the whole year at VND 708.5 trillion, exceeding 16% the year plan; and at VND 97.21 trillion, exceeding 11.1% the year plan, expected at VND 104 trillion in the whole year, exceeding 18.8% the year plan.

Scientific, technological and training activities were carried out according to the planned; the activities on the security, oil and gas, environmental and labor safety, fire and explosion prevention on oil and gas projects were strictly implemented with a close supervision ...

The following PVN member units as: Vietsovpetro, PVEP, Rusvietpetro, East Sea POC, PV GAS, BSR, PVCFC, PV Power have over completed the production targets.

Five units as PV GAS, Rusvietpetro, PVTrans, PTSC and PVI have over completed three consolidated financial targets as turnover, before tax profit and state budget payment).

Besides, there several units have over completed a number of financial targets of the whole year plan such as: PV OIL with the turnover and state budget payment, PVCFC with the before tax profit and state budget payment, and DMC and PV Power with the before tax consolidated profit.

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