PVN has completed 2014 production plan

PVN has completed 2014 production plan - 

The Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) informed that the Group has completed 2014 plan with a 16.21 million ton production.  

As expected, from now to the end of 2014, PVN will product an about 1 million tons of oil and 0.5 billion m3 of gas amount exceeding the annual plan.

Since the beginning of the year, PVN has put into operation 8 new mines with some of them as Su Tu Nau (Brown Lion), Tho Trang (White Rabbit), Diamond operated ahead of the time

The seeking and exploring works have been exceedingly completed by the all targets on 2D and 3D seismic collecting explosion, discovering many new mines and increasing a nearly 48 million ton oil reserve.

In 2014 PVN has carried out at the different levels 78 domestic petroleum projects (as explored 10 wells, appreciated 21 wells and developed 47 wells) and developed 17 oversea wells.

Besides, PVN also took drastic technical measures to maintain and raise production such as: separating water from the flooded wells, treating areas close to bottom of the wells, regulating water pressing pump and enhancing operation time of the mining facilities.

These measures had not only assisted PVN to successfully and exceedingly fulfill the production plan in 2014 but also been the bases for guaranteeing to maintain and increase mining production in coming years, contributing to increase production effect and prolong operation life of the mines.

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