PVN and Petrolimex sign a comprehensive cooperation agreement

PVN and Petrolimex sign a comprehensive cooperation agreement - 

In the afternoon of September 19, Vietnam Petroleum Group (Petrolimex) and Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) have held a signing ceremony of a comprehensive cooperation agreement.

Petrolimex Chairman Pham Van Thanh and Chairman of PVN Tran Sy Thanh signing a comprehensive cooperation agreement

Under the agreement, Petrolimex and PVN will work together to promote joint investment and business activities, and support each other both in terms of technical facilities as well as expansion of business activities to exploit the strengths of each party, the potential of the domestic and foreign markets in the traditional business of each party and other fields of mutual interest to increase the value on the basis of comply with the provisions of Vietnamese law.

The two sides commit to prioritize the use of each other's products and services, facilitate for the mutual development of two sides in the production and business activities.

The two sides pledge their efforts to prioritize the use of each other's products and services. To create favorable conditions for mutual assistance in the development of production and business activities.

On the basis of the terms of this Agreement, Petrolimex and PVN shall develop a plan for implementing the specific works, action plans and enforcing projects to achieve the objectives agreed upon by both parties.

The two parties affirmed the long-term organic and strategic cooperation relationship between the two state economic groups on the basis of using the same products and services of each other, raising the prestige and brand of the two sides.

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