PVEP & Perenco sell first oil barrel at Dorado oilfield, Peru

PVEP & Perenco sell first oil barrel at Dorado oilfield, Peru - 

According to PetroVietnam Exploration Production Corporation (PVEP), PVEP and Perenco have sold the first oil barrel at Dorado oilfield, block 67 in the Republic of Peru.

From the left to the right, Peru President, Minister of Peru’s Energy and Mines Ministry, Chairman of Perenco, Chairman of PVEP are implementing the valve opening ceremony to transfer the first oil barrel to to ship on-board at FCDC

Previously, on November 20, 2013, Perenco and PVEP were glad to welcome the first oil flow from Dorado oilfield at block 67 in Peru, the initial rate produced is 1,000 barrels per day. As planned, the project is also expecting to produce the first oil flow at second oilfield, Pirana by the end of 2013, with initial flow rate of 6000 – 7000 barrels per day and reaching maximum output of 61,000 barrels per day in full field development phase.

After the ceremony of selling the first oil barrel, Mr. Hoang Ngoc Dang, Chairman of PVEP had a meeting with PeruPetro S.A in order to promote the implemenation of oil and gas exploration and production activities of PVEP at block 67, block 39 and block 162 in Peru.

At the meeting with Mr. Luis Ortigas Cunio, President of Perupetro A.S in Lima , PVEP leader expressed his gratitude to Perupetro A.S and relevant organizations for their concerns, support and close steering for the implemenation of PVEP projects in Peru, specially for their contribution to the initial achivements at block 67. PVEP also desired Perupetro A.S to give new investment opportunities for PVEP to continue extending its operation in Peru.

Mr. Luis Ortigas Cunio appreciated the spirit of cooperation and determination to implement exploration production projects of PVEP in Peru. He said, the commercial oil flow at Dorado oilfield, block 67 project is valueable event not only for Perenco and PVEP, but also for Peru, because Peru has no any commercial oil flow for the past 39 years.

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