PV Drilling and UOD Partner provide drilling rigs for Hoang Long JOC

PV Drilling and UOD Partner provide drilling rigs for Hoang Long JOC - 

In Ho Chi Minh City, PV Drilling and UOD partner signed a contract of providing UMW-NAGA 2 and UMW-NAGA 3 jack-up rigs for drilling campaign of Hoang Long JOC.

The Contract signing Ceremony between PV Drilling- UOD and Hoang Long JOC for the provisiono of jack -up drilling rigs services "UMW-NAGA 2" and "UMW-NAGA 3".

According to the contract, UMW-NAGA 2 drilling rig will continue to serve development and appraisal drilling campaign at Te Giac Trang (White Rhinoceros) mine of Hoang Long JOC for a 12 months term, proceeding the agreement signed in Mach 2013.

Besides, PV Drilling also signed a new contract of providing UMW-NAGA 3 drilling rig for a new drilling campaign of Hoang Long JOC at Te Giac Trang mine, that expects to be started in October 2014. These jack-up drilling rigs are the new generation ones hired by PV Drilling from UOD Drilling Contractor.

Hoang Long JOC is one of the major and important customers of PV Drilling for recent years. With an aim to maintain and expand drilling market share in Vietnam, PV Drilling continues to provide drilling rigs (hired from partners) and other drilling services for Hoang Long JOC and other customers as well.

Currently, there are 7 rent drilling rigs under PV Drilling management. The above activities have shown not only the prestige of, as well as the confidence and satisfaction from the customers and partners in PV Drilling. These affections encourage PV Drilling a lot to complete well its business plan in 2014 - 2015.

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