Promotion of Cooporation between Vietnam and Cambodia in Oil and Gas field

Promotion of Cooporation between Vietnam and Cambodia in Oil and Gas field - 

Receiving the invitation of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Energy; and Petrolium Central Board of Cambodia, mission team of a Mission of Vietnam Petrolium Corperation(PVN) headed by Deputy Director General Nguyen Quoc Thap and the directors of Petrovietnam Exploration and Production Corporation (PVEP) and PVEP Overseas had a working visit  to  Cambodia during the first two day of April, 2014.

Cambodian Ministry of Industry, Mine and Energy is working with the PVN’s mission

At present, PVN and PVEP is implementing the petrolium exploration project at Lot XV following the contract with Cambodian National Petrolium Management Agency since 2009, which has the duration of 37 years and 100% of shares held by PVEP. This lot has an area of 6,900 square kilometers, located in the North East of Tonle Sap Lake in the mainland of Cambodia. For the project, the geological and geolo-physical reseaching; surveying and justifiable treating works along the line of 6000km and 2D seism surveying works on the square of 600km2 were complete

Today, Cambodia is also a market consuming tens of thousands of fertiliser tons per year from Petrovietnam Fertilizers and Chemicals Cooperation (PVFCCo).

At a working meeting, the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Energy of Cambodia and PVN discussed on the next steps to be implemented for the Lot XV project (Cambodia), extending the area for researching activities and seeking opportunities for further participation of PVN in other lots on offshore and in the mainland of Cambodia.

Deputy Director General of PVN Nguyen Quoc Thap affirmed the concern of PVN on the exporation for petrolium in Cambodia and expressed the wish to receive more support and facilitation of Cambodian Government and the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Energy

Cambodian Minister of Industry, Mine and Energy Suy Sem highly appreciated the operations of PVN in general and PVEP in particular in Cambodia. Mr. Suy Sem also expressed the support to maintain and strengthen activities of PVN and PVEP in Cambodia. He also acknowledged initiatives and proposes of PVN on implementing the petrolium projects in Cambodia, coming time and will submit those to Cambodian Government for consideration and responding as soon as possible

On the occation, PVN mission visited PVEP Overseas Office in Phnompenh. Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thap thoughtfully inquired and encouraged the envoyed officials of PVEP and local workers, and expressed his wish for the whole staffs of PVEP overseas to implement successfully the projects of PVN in Cambodia./.

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