Producing the first oil flow from Su Tu Vang Tay Nam mine

Producing the first oil flow from Su Tu Vang Tay Nam mine - 

PetroVietnam Exploration and Production (PVEP) informed, at 10h10 19 Sep.2014, Su Tu Vang Tay Nam (Southwest Golden Lion -SWGL) Project under 15-1 lot, Vung Tau offshore executed by Cuu Long Joint Operating Company (Cuu Long JOC) produced the first commercial oil flow, for just 5 days later than operation of Su Tu Nau Nam (South Brown Lion) mine ( also under Cuu Long JOC).  

The Leaders of PVEP, Cuu Long JOC and foreign partners welcomed the first oil flow from Su Tu Vang Tay Nam rig.

The first oil flow of SWGL project was exploited from 1P well which has a flow of 3,000 barrels per day. The second 2P well was also put into operation at the same day, increasing the total flow of SWGL mine to about 5,000 barrels per day.

SWGL project has been implemented since November 12, 2013, and it’ planed to give the first oil flow on November 4, 2014. With putting into operation for 46 days earlier than planned, SWGL becomes a petroleum project holding the record as to the shortest development time (10 months) for PetroVietnam so far. Previously, the shortest implementation time belonged to Su Tu Vang Dong Bac (Northeast Golden Lion), also a Cuu Long JOC project with a 12 months time

The exceeding progress operation of SWGL has contributed to save a lot of costs for the investor. This success also showed the high responsive working spirit of the engineers and workers who often worked overtime with a determination to complete the project on schedule.

Su Tu Vang Tay Nam mine.

PVEP General Director, Mr. Do Van Khanh said, the success of this project will open a great prospect for practical application in the development of small and marginal mines in the Cuu Long basin and in other areas of Vietnam in the future. It also shows the ability for self controlling, key role of Vietnamese cadres and engineers in mining development projects from planning to implementing works, contributing to set up the image and reputation of PVEP, particularly, and PVN, generally in the domestic and international markets.

Thus, after the Su Tu Den Dong Bac (Northest Black Lion), Northwest Su Tu Den Tay Bac ( Northwest Black Lion), Su Tu Vang (Gold Lion), Su Tu Trang (White Lion), Su Tu Vang Dong Bac ( Northest Golden Lion) and Su Tu Nau Nam (South Brown Lion was put into operation on 14th Sep. 2014), ahead producing the first oil flow from SWGL project has contributed to the great success of the Cuu Long JOC in 15-1 Lot.

SWGL is the seventh among 9 PVEP new projects planed to be put into operation in 2014.

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