Nghi Son Oil Refinery & Petrochemical Project: Successfully installating Reactor Towers

Nghi Son Oil Refinery & Petrochemical Project: Successfully installating Reactor Towers - 

According to the  Vietnam Erection Corporation (Lilama), on May 22, at the Nghi Son Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Project, Lilama Erection  Mechanical  JSC (Lilama EMC) in cooperation with Nippon Express Company (NEX, Japan) successfully installed two reactor towers - SPM4  bidding package (AE00), with a total weight of nearly 900 tons.

Lilama EMC engineers is adjusting reactor equipment.

Mr. Vu Son Lam, the Lilama EMC project director informed that installed reactors including the reactor 101 with a 340 ton weight, 25m height and 5.3m diameter and the reactor 102 with a 540ton weight, 35m height and 5.2m diameter.

The installation was carried out by the 1300 ton and 800 ton cranes shipped overseas. After successfully installing 2 Reactors, Lilama EMC to continue installing the auxiliary equipment, steel structures and the system of technological pipes around the reactors.

Reactor is an equipment system performing chemical reactions, creating products in a productive process, so it decides the productivity and productive efficiency of the oil refinery & petrochemical plants.

Reactor 102 has been correctly installed in a safe position.

In order to ensure the progress in coming time, at present Lilama EMC is focusing on installing 2 crude oil tanks with a total volume of 4,300 ton and the pressure test of the tanks expects in turn by mid-August and December of 2015.

Up to now, Lilama EMC has manufactured 23,400 ID pipes with 26.6%, installed a 2,300 ton tank with 54.1%, manufacture and installation of steel structures are being actively implemented.

Lilama EMC is responsible for the key works of Nghi Son Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Project as installing: 1,116 ton of steel structures, 3,789 ton of equipment, 41,373 ID pipes for the SMP4 (AE00) package and 02 crude oil tanks with a volume of 4,252 ton, and processing and manufacturing 87,985 ID pipes and 104 ton of pipe racks for the SMP4 (AD00 & AE00) package.


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