New petroleum discovery at East White Cat well – 1X

New petroleum discovery at East White Cat well – 1X - 

On August 9, 2018, PetroVietnam informed that Vietsovpetro has discovered a new petroleum well – Meo Trang Dong (East White Cat) – 1X (Lot 09-1,VSP). After this discovery, the relevant units will carry out the assessment of reserves and prepare the plan for putting the project into operation.

According to the source of Vietnam Energy Magazine, 7 years ago (August 23, 2011), the oil &gas exploration well MT1X in the White Cat structure found by Vietsovpetro had provided a self–ejecting oil spray with a flow of 250m3 per day from a depth of about 3,350 meters on the Miocene floor layer.

The MT-1X well has been drilled to a depth of 5,150 meters. The previous seam test results also encountered oil from the basic layer and upper Oligocene.

At that time, at the well MT-1X, Vietsovpetro also tried a prospective object containing industrial oil with the age of the below Mioxen.

With the results of the geological potential assessment plus the results of the exploration drilling and layer testing, Vietsovpetro experts have confirmed that "White Cat is a new oil field with industrial reserves”.

After ending the work of the MT-1X well, Vietsovpetro still drilled MT-2X well for a more comprehensive evaluation of oil and gas reserves and established the technological scheme for exploiting this field.

White Cat is an independent structure in block 09-1, located in the southwest of White Tiger field.

It can be said that the discovery of new oil and gas at East White Cat -1X (Block 09-1, VSP) is a great success, contributing significantly to increase the PVN's oil and gas reserves in coming years, especially to improve the oil and gas outputs in the condition when the oil and gas fields in Vietnam are declining natural production.

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