Launching the higher layer block of the TGT H5 exploiting rig

Launching the higher layer block of the TGT H5 exploiting rig - 

On July 10, in Vung Tau city, PetroVietnam Marine Mechanical Services Single Member Company Ltd  (PTSC M & C) commemorated One million safe working hours and launched the higher layer block of the TGT H5 exploiting rig.

The TGT H5 exploiting rig project is a component in objectives for mining development of Vietnam offshore 16-1 Lot of Hoang Long JOC investor.

The general contract on providing EPCI services (including design, procurement, construction, transport, installation, connection and offshore test running) for TGT H5 exploiting rig with a pipeline system was signed between Hoang Long JOC and PTSC M & C in 2015.

The project is divided into two stages. At the first stage, PTSC M&C General Contractor and PVC MS Subcontractor successfully carried out making and offshore installing the support and drilling platform of TGT H5 exploiting rig with a total volume of 1,300 tons on September 1, 2014.

The main work in the second stage is EPCI for the higher layer block of TGT H5 rig with a total volume of around 1,850 tons and 24 kilometers of pipeline.

The construction of TGT H5 higher layer block rig was started out from 8/2014, and the connection and test run of the block expected to be completed by 8/2015. The project has achieved 1 million safe working hours, without any accident or trauma.

It is necessary also to emphasize, that the project has been designed and developed completely by Vietnamese engineers with a quality high appreciated by investors and partners. The project construction time is within about 10 months, shorter for 2 - 3 months in comparison with implementing similar projects.

This is a project to welcome the 40 years anniversary of PVN establishment and the second Congress of PVN Communist Party Committee.

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