GE Oil & Gas University held its first localized training course in Vietnam

GE Oil & Gas University held its first localized training course in Vietnam - 

In Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, October 4th, 2016,  26 young, high potential oil & gas professionals from PetroVietnam have been given a unique opportunity to further develop their skills through the GE Oil & Gas first-ever localized management and technical skills course in Vietnam.

Mr. Sandro Fantini, Director of GE Oil & Gas University is introducing on training program.


The 4 week Localized Course for PetroVietnam focuses on leadership and management skills, aimed at developing their young highly skilled talent pool and forging future leaders for Vietnam’s Oil & Gas industry.

According to Visal Leng, General Manager of Asia-Pacific for GE Oil & Gas, this initiative is about strengthening the talent and skills base needed for the future, successful development of the oil & gas industry in Vietnam.

“We are working in partnership with PVN to ensure the next generation of oil & gas professionals have the skills, knowledge and insights needed to be able to succeed in an ever-changing environment. During these uncertain times for our industry, we cannot afford to stay focused exclusively on the present.Now more than ever, we need to also think of and invest in the future,” Visal said.

“I am pleased to be here today to officially launch the opening of this course in Vietnam, which is part of our local commitment to support Vietnam in capability building. It is great to be able to support PVN in harnessing and developing the skills of their young professionals.”

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Pham Nhu Khanh, Vice President of PetroVietnam Exploration Production Corporation said that the company was highly appreciative of GE’s efforts to support the development of its employees.

“It is a unique opportunity for 26of our future leaders to gain in-depth knowledge and acquire valuable technical and leadership skills,which will not only open up their career pathways but also positively contribute to the industry’s sustainable growth.”

Delivered through the GE Oil & Gas University over a four-week period– the course covers Leadership, Energy & Process and Equipment and will be delivered by experts from GE and other leading organizations.

Sandro Fantini, GE Oil & Gas University Director, said the university’s program has contributed to building an extraordinary, world-wide network of professionals for more than a decade.

“Since 2005, we have provided employees from our oil & gas customers withfundamental management and technical skills to consolidate their overall understanding of the industry.

“GE professionals together with academic professors and the most valuable industry experts offer a unique multicultural training experience to our key customers, which we continue to update our portfolio and ensure high quality programs,” said Sandro.

Since its establishment, the GE Oil & Gas University has hosted 87 national and international oil & gas companies, as well as recorded about 770 graduates of resident and localized courses from 35 countries.

Today, GE invests more than $1 billion each year in employee development worldwide. As of 2015, GE Crotonville leadership center served more than 40,000 employees and 4,200 customers. Close to a hundred of top leaders from GE’s customers and partners in Vietnam have joined the intensive leadership development programs at Crotonville campus.

The GE Oil & Gas University Program offers top employees from selected customers the opportunity to acquire fundamental management and technical skills to consolidate their overall understanding of the oil and gas industry. The course offering consists of a Resident Course, delivered at the GE Florence Learning Center (GE FLC), and a Localized Course, a condensed version of the Resident Course delivers at a location chosen by the customer. Our mission is to be partner-of-choice for our customers developing their young highly skilled talent pool and forging the new leaders of tomorrow.

Since 2005 we have hosted in Florence more than 87 companies, 700+ graduates from 35 countries and we built an ever growing global network alumni from over the world.

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