Establishing a Commission to modify Gas Business Regulations

Establishing a Commission to modify Gas Business Regulations - 

The Minister of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has signed a Decision on establishing a commission and a group to draft  and edit a Decree to replace the  Government Decree No19 for Gas Business issued on 22/3/2016.

The Decision has been issued on basis of the Government Decree No 95 to regulate the functions, duties, powers and organizational structure of MOIT, and other regulations issued on 12/11/2012.

The Drafting Commission includes 17 members headed by Mrs. Ho Thi Kim Thoa, MOIT Vice Minister, and the Editing Group includes 16 members headed by Director of MOIT Legal Department. The members of the Commission and Group are representatives of departments from Ministries of: Industry and Trade, Planning and Investment, Finance, Science and Technology, Labor and Social Affairs, Justice; Government Office, and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam…

The Commission and Group are responsible to coordinate with relevant agencies to fulfill compiling the Decree with an ensured quality, on a fair schedule and the procedures prescribed by law, and automatically dissolved after promulgating the Decree.

The conditions for gas business stipulated in Decree No 19 replacing Decree No 107 effective from 15/5/2016 with the provisions to ensure fire safety, energy security and reduce commercial fraud, although there are some alleged barriers to businesses.

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