Change the high level personal in Petrovietnam

Change the high level personal in Petrovietnam - 

On June 2nd 2014, a hand-over ceremony of the duty of the Chairmen of Member Council and Secretary of Communist party committee (CPC) of Petrovietnam was held in Ha Noi.

According to the Decisions of Prime Minister and CPC of Central Enterprises, Mr. Phung Dinh Thuc the Chairmen of Member Council and Secretary CPC of PVN, officially retires from June 1st, 2014. While waiting for decision of the new appointments from the competence levels, the duty of Chairmen is handed over to Mr. Do Van Hau, the member of MC, Director General of PVN; and the duty of Secretary of CPC is handed over to Mr. Pham Xuan Canh, the Standing Vice Secretary.

Mr. Phung Dinh Thuc hands over the duty of Chairman to Director General Mr. Do Van Hau.

Mr. Phung Dinh Truc hands over the duty of the Secretary CPC to the Standing Vice Secretary Mr. Pham Xuan Canh.

Speaking at the Conference, Mr. Phung Dinh Truc affirmed, for the past time, PetroVietnam overcame a lot of difficulties and obtained certain achievements, deserved to be a leading economic corporation of the country. Mr. Phung Dinh Thuc believed that under the leadership of the Member Council and the Board of Directors, PVN will continue to bring into play the achievements, unify in steering, successfully carry out the goals, plans, tasks that assigned by the Government, complete the glorious petroleum cause. He also expected and hoped that PetroVietnam will have the outstanding development steps in coming time.

Mr. Phung Dinh Thuc is the Science Doctor of Marine Petroleum Technology, experienced such positions as Director of Petrolum Exploitation Enterprise, Chief Engineer of Vietsovpetro, Director General of Petrovietnam Exploration Production Corporation. In July 2009, he was appointed as Director General of PVN.On September 9th, 2011 he was appointed as the Chairmen of Member Council of PetroVietnam.

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