Binh Son Refinery company reached a seven million safe working hour milestone

Binh Son Refinery company reached a seven million safe working hour milestone - 

Mr. Tran Ngoc Nguyen, General director of Binh Son Refinery company (BSR) informed: By June 10, 2016 BSR has reached a seven million safe working hour milestone without any occupational accident.

According to Mr. Tran Ngoc Nguyen, BSR is being operated continuously, safely and stably by an average output of 103 – 105% of designed capacity with a product quality assurance. In the first 6 months of 2016, the BSR produced 3.407 million tons of various products accounting 117% the plan, sold 3.243 million tons of products equal to 112% the plan, earned over VND 33.5 thousand billion and paid into budget about VND 6.11 thousand billion.

Since Dung Quat Oil Refinery plant put into operation, the company has produced 40.79 million tons of products and sold 40.53 million tons with a total turnover of VND 758.1 thousand billion and payment into the budget of VND 129.4 billion.

The BSR always pays a special attention to and ensures well the activities of safety, environmental protection, and fire and detonation prevention with a result as a seven million hour safe working hour success. The company also often closely coordinated with the local authorities to sustain security activity and did not let any disorderly incident, security, violation to happen around the plant as well as on offshore projects.

The maintenance work was implemented fairly in accordance with the outlined plan, especially BSR actively carried out periodic overall leak test justly from the beginning of the year. By the leak test, many small leak points were discovered and repaired timely that helped to exclude potential danger of fire and detonation and guarantee safe operation.

Regarding the project on Dung Quat Oil Refinery extending study, Mr. Nguyen Viet Thang, Deputy General Director of BSR cum Director of Project Board informed: the project has been developed for about 13 per 78 months since the date of issuing the bidding documents for FEED. Up to now, in general, a 32.32% part of the project (before EPC stage) has been implemented. At present, BSR/DQRE is actively implementing works to guarantee the overall progress as approved plan.

Regarding the clearance work, up to now the PVN coordinated with Quang Ngai PPC to pay compensation moneys for 1533/ 1631 beneficiaries (94%) and the sides are preparing to handover the premises.

The overall design (FEED) has been deployed for about 26% of the work volume. The selection of contractors to supply technological copyrights for 7/7 new technological shops will be supplemented in stage of extending the project being completed and the overall design contractors are preparing a strategic for selecting EPC contractor for the project.

For the equitization of the BSR, at June 10, 2016 Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) sent to PVN an Official Document on authorizing PVN to: announce business value, select consulting company for BSR equitization and Stock Transaction Office to auction shares of BSR for the first time.

The focusing duty of the BSR to the end of 2016 is to continuously manage and operate Dung Quat plant safely, stably and effectively at the design capacity; take initiative and flexibility in analyzing and assessing market, objective and subjective conditions of BSR to timely deal with changing oil and oil product prices, customer demand and other problems affecting production and business efficiency; concentrate high efforts on productive costs optimization and inventory products, materials, equipment and spar parts reduction; speed up more training, re-training and feeding up to enhance professional qualifications for labors and ensure the manpower resources satisfying development requirements of the company; continuously deploy equitization plan of BSR by direction of PVN.

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