Always to facilitate Rosneft investment in Vietnam

Always to facilitate Rosneft investment in Vietnam - 

On March 22nd, in Hanoi, President Truong Tan Sang received Mr. Igor Sechin, General Secretary of the National Energy Commission of the Russian Federation, CEO of Rosneft.

President Truong Tan Sang receives Mr. Igor Sechin,General Secretary of the National Energy Commission of the Russian Federation, President of Rosneft.

At the meeting, President Sang expressed his satisfaction to the achievements of bilateral cooperation between Vietnam and Russia; appreciated the oil and gas cooperation, one of the key and effective cooperations between two countries, including the cooperation between Rosneft and PetroVietnam

President affirmed that Vietnam always creates favorable conditions for oil and gas enterprises of the two countries to cooperate in searching and expanding the opportunities for investment and developmen,.and will continue to support and encourage Rosneft to extend the investment in Vietnam as well.

Assessing the strong development of the energy sector in Vietnam recently Mr. Sechin expressed the availability of Rosneft to invest funds in many projects in Vietnam and hoped PetroVietnam to support it’s activities in this aspect .

Then, in March 22nd afternoon, at the meeting with the Mr.Sechin, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung emphasized the traditional and friendly relationship between Vietnam and Russia. Mr.Dung said: Party, State and people of Vietnam always engrave the cooperation, assistance and support of Russia for Vietnam in the struggle for the liberation, defence, building and socio-economic development of the country. Currently, two countries have established comprehensive strategy partnerships, the achievements in our cooperation recently has brought the real benefits to the common development of two countries .

Among the Vietnam-Russia comprehensive cooperation, the cooperation in the energy sector is an important strategic cooperation.

With such spirit, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung appreciated the goodwill of Rosneft and the achievements of PetroVietnam - Rosneft cooperation in the past; as well as affirmed the Vietnamese Government support for the cooperation in their activities, especially in crude oil supply, oil and gas search and exploration to be developed effectively sustainably .

Mr Igor Sechin hoped Vietnamese Government to continue supporting, creating favorable conditions for Rosneft to promote the cooperation and expand the investment in Vietnam.

Rosneft is the biggest mineral-oil company of the Russian Federation and one of the biggest mineral-oil companies in the world. Rosneft operates in the field of oil and gas exploration and exploitation, and petroleum and petrochemical products production and commerce.

Rosneft reserves about 22.8 billion barrels of oil, it is one of the best indexes of oil and gas companies in the world.

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