World Bank assists Vietnam in Solar PV development

World Bank assists Vietnam in Solar PV development - 

On October, 26 2016 in Ho Chi Minh city, the representatives of WB Energy-Mineral group held a meeting to introduce its plan for implementing a supporting project to relevant agencies of HCM city.

According to assessment of the group, Vietnam in general and HCM city in particular have abundant potentials for solar PV development.

A WB case study in 2013 has showed that, if all buildings in HCM city get rooftop solar panels, there will be a power source of 110 MWp. Installation of rooftop solar panels will make use of “the forgotten roofs”, create jobs and increase profits.

It is expected that WB will assist HCM city to implement the rooftop solar PV program, then replicate it nationwide with an aim to achieve a total solar PV capacity of 12 GW in Vietnam up to 2030.

By the plan, WB will assess an overview on the benefits of implementing the rooftop solar PV program, carry out technical support, training staffs and energy experts for HCM city, support to find equipment suppliers and seek funds for the program as well.

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