VCBANK lends 100% capital for Rooftop solar power projects

VCBANK lends 100% capital for Rooftop solar power projects - 

From July 2019, Viet Capital Bank (VCBANK) has implemented a consumer trust loan package with a support up to 100% capital for individual customers to install the rooftop solar power projects for the need of daily living or production and business.

VCBANK supports a capital package up to 200 million VND for the PV panels, two-way meter, auxiliary equipment and installation.

The interest payment is very soft as a preferential interest rate at the first term reduced up to 1% per year with the 5 -year loan term.

With this loan package, VCBANK hopes to help the customers to own and use electricity from the rooftop solar projects to improve the quality of their life.

For more information, customers can contact any nearest branches and transaction offices of VCBANK, Hotline: 1900555596; or website

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