US will consult Vietnam about the nuclear power development

US will consult Vietnam about the nuclear power development - 

On October 13, 2015 in Hanoi, at a meeting with the Vietnamese press, Mr. Thomas Countryman, the Assistant US Secretary of State (in charge of civil nuclear cooperation and anti-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction) said, the US desires to help and consult  Vietnam in the civil nuclear sector.

According to Mr. Thomas Countryman, since 2013, when the leaders of the two countries declared to establish the comprehensive partnership, Vietnam-US relations have made strides. Vietnam and US signed an Agreement on cooperation in civil nuclear sector in 2014 and his visit this time to discuss desire of Vietnam to become the first country in ASEAN to develop nuclear energy.

Mr. Thomas Countryman commented that Vietnam is on track in building a team of engineers and specialists for operating nuclear power plants later and establishing regulatory bodies for developing legislation bases in civil nuclear sector.

"In the US, My Office and the US Ministry of Energy have made many things to help Vietnam to prepare to meet and deal with challenges in nuclear power production. The important thing is that Vietnam needs to build a team of specialists to manage and operate the equipment with the most advance and modern technologies. In coming time, the United States, IAEA and other partners will continue to help and consult Vietnam in this area whether Vietnam would use our technologies or not", Mr. Thomas added.

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