The system of legal documents will be perfected soon for serving Ninh Thuan NPP

The system of legal documents will be perfected soon for serving Ninh Thuan NPP - 

Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Hoang Trung Hai asked the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the relevant ministries to check and supervise the progress of building the system of legal documents for serving Ninh Thuan NPP, concretize regulations in the Atomic Energy Law (amendment).

According to the report of the relevant ministries to DPM Hoang Trung Hai, recently the ministries actively implemented the tasks assigned by the Prime Minister as submitting to the Government one Decree, two Decisions and issuing 12 relevant Circulars. However, some of the documents have not developed and issued on schedule.

In coming time, the ministries will develop the system of legal documents related nuclear energy sector, especially perfect the Draft Atomic Energy Law (Amendment) with a Decree stipulating for law executing in detail.

Besides, the MOST need to develop: decree on handling administrative violations in nuclear energy sector; project for perfecting and strengthening management capacity on nuclear energy development, application, safety and security guarantee; national plan on the emergency response for the radioactive and nuclear breakdowns; project for strengthening capacity building, infrastructure investment on the nuclear energy development, application, radioactive and nuclear safety; national fund for radioactive waste management.

The representatives of the ministries also expressed their opinions on building documents of the ability criteria in building nuclear power plants; appraising safety analysis report in the document for approving plant site; guiding establishment and use of records on radioactive safety ...

DPM Hoang Trung Hai assigned MOST and relevant ministries to make a specific list of legal normative acts, projects and programs necessary to be developed, added or removed from the plan. DPM asked the ministries to carry out the tasks in spirit of progress guarantee with cautious consulting international experience, taking into account the specific characteristics of our country, especially, ensuring the highest requirements on the quality, safety and legality of the project.

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