The Solar power project of Central power corporation has been synchronized with the NPS

The Solar power project of Central power corporation has been synchronized with the NPS - 

In the morning of June 14, 2019, in Cam Lam district (Khanh Hoa province), the representative of the Central Power Corporation (EVNCPC) and the related units organized to synchronize the first phase (with design capacity of 10 MW) of the solar power project (SPP) of EVNCPC with the national power system.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh –The Chairman of Acceptance Council monitors the technical parameters when SPP generating electricity to the power system.

Previously, the EVNCPC Acceptance Council led by Mr. Nguyen Thanh - Deputy General Director of the EVNCPC as the Chairman of the Council held an acceptance meeting for the first phase of the project with all the acceptance contents met required qualities.

It can be said that the successful connection of the first phase of the project before the proposed plan (June 30, 2019) has marked the drastic direction and follow-up of EVNCPC leadership, active monitoring and management of CPCCREB, an unit assigned by EVN CPC for project management, demonstrating the determination and goodwill of the joint venture contractor SUMEC – VNECO, the smooth coordination of the concerned units and especially the hard work and relentless efforts of the workers on the construction site.

The SPP of EVNCPC with a capacity of 50 MW and average output of 87.598 – 98,147 GWh per year has a total investment capital of 1,372 billion VND, of which loan of 735 billion VND accounting for 58.5% of the total pre-tax investment costs from Agribank and corresponding capital of 521.3 billion from EVNCPC, accounting for 41.5% of total pre-tax investment costs.

The SPP of EVNCPC includes solar PV panels with a capacity of 50 MW, the step-up 22/110 kV transformer substation with a capacity of 63 MVA and 110 kV transmission line with a length of 14 km from SPP to Cam Ranh 110 kV transformer substation.

The major milestones of the project: May 12 start the first piling, May 29, the first PV panels were installed, June 7 powering the step-up 22 / 110kV transformer substation, and the morning of June 14 completing the test of COD recognition and generating electricity to the national power system with ensuring the requirements.

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