The Solar Power Development Planning is only made once

The Solar Power Development Planning is only made once - 

  Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has officially issued the Circular No16/2017/TT-BCT on grid connected and rooftop solar power development in which regulates the National Solar Power Development Planning (NSPDP) to be made once only. The following updates, additions and corrections for NSPDP are made when adjusting the National Power Development Planning (NPDP). Making, approving and announcing the NSPP are stipulated in the Prime Minister Decision No11/2017/QĐ-TTg on the mechanisms to stimulate developing solar power projects in Vietnam.

Regarding provinces and central cities, the Provincial (City) Solar Power Development Planning (PSPDP) is made only for provinces (cities) having the large solar power potential. PSPDP is also made once only and the following updates, additions and corrections for PSPDP are made when adjusting the Provincial Power Development Planning (PPDP).

PSPDP is a planning project for defining the total theoretical, technical and economical potential of solar power and its distribution in province for every construction investment stage in period to 2020 and a vision up to 2030.

The Department of Electricity and Renewable Energy (DERE) is responsible to appraise and approve the PSPDP projects. In necessary cases, DERE can hire the consultants for examine and verify the projects.

Within 05 working days after receiving the valid documents of the project, DERE must send the written paper to the concerning agencies and localities for their comments on content of the project (if any). The consulted agencies and localities must study the paper and have the written document to answer DERE within 15 working days after receiving the paper of DERE.

After receiving official written document of the agencies and localities, within 10 working days DERE fully makes the appraisal report to submit it to MOIT for approval.

In the case of necessary supplementing and adjusting the PSDP project (if any), within 05 working days, DERE must send a written paper to Provincial People’s Committee for directing consulting company to supplement and adjust the project.

Within 10 working days, after receiving the adjusted project, DERE fully makes the appraisal report to submit it to MOIT for approval.

This Circular comes into effect from 26/10/2017.

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