The potential for developing renewable energy in Quang Binh

The potential for developing renewable energy in Quang Binh - 

Quang Binh is a coastal province in the Central region with an area of ​​8,065 km2, a seacoast length of about 115 km and many advantages in terms of land, radiation intensity, number of sunshine hours in the year, wind speed, traffic conditions and connection to the national electricity grid... which make Quang Binh to become one of the provinces having a large potential for wind and solar power projects.

Currently, Quang Binh province is focusing to review the relevant issues to help investors remove difficulties and obstacles in implementing projects in the province, especially foreign direct investment (FDI) projects to be carried out on schedule.

With interest in the potential of the renewable energy source, Quang Binh province is cooperating with the Institute of Energy to establish solar power development planning with a total capacity of nearly 1,200 MW in communes: Ngu Thuy Bac, Sen Thuy and Hung Thuy in Le Thuy district; Nam Trach, Ly Trach in Bo Trach district and on the surfaces of the large lakes in the province such as Bau Sen, Bau Bang, Bau Can and Phu Vinh ...

On July 14, 2019, in the Decision No. 2545 / QD-UBND, Quang Binh Provincial People's Committee approved the investment policy for the 49.5 MW solar power project (SPP) under the Dohwa Le Thuy renewable energy complex of Dohwa Green Energy Co., Ltd.

Le Thuy Dohwa SPP has a total investment of 55.6 million USD, including equity of 16.7 million USD and loan capital of 38.9 million USD.

Up to now, for Le Thuy Dohwa SPP there following items have been completed: the feasibility study report and basic design appraised and approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade; power purchase agreement (PPA) signed with Electricity of Vietnam; the detailed planning, environmental impact assessment and forest current status assessment established; mines clearance performed and caution money paid for carrying out the related contracts.

For connecting Le Thuy Dohwa solar power project with the national power system the Central Power Corporation will soon build a new transformer substation with a capacity of 2x40 MVA (in phase 1-one transformer), a 110 kV line with a length of 13.42 km from 110 kV Cam Lien substation to 110 kV Le Thuy substation.

Beside investing in solar power systems, currently Quang Binh province is cooperating with Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 3 (PECC 3) to carry out wind power development planning with a total capacity of 1,160 MW in Gia Ninh, Hai Ninh communes, Quang Ninh district; Ngu Thuy Bac, Ngu Thuy Trung, Sen Thuy, Van Thuy, Thai Thuy, Hong Thuy and Hoa Thuy communes, Le Thuy district; Dan Hoa commune, Minh Hoa district; Trung Trach, Tay Trach communes, Bo Trach district.

At present, there are 4 investors applying for implementing the wind power projects, among which, the B&T wind farm group with a capacity of 252 MW, a total investment level of 8,904 billion VND and a total occupied land area of 2.244 ha in Gia Ninh, Hai Ninh communes, Quang Ninh district (B&T1=109.2 MW) and Ngu Thuy Bac, Le Thuy district (B&T2=142.8 MW) selected as a project to welcome the 17th Party Congress of Quang Binh Province for the term of 2020 - 2025 will start for construction before October 10, 2020. The plan to put the project groups into operation as BT1 by December of 2020 and B&T2 by June of 2021.

For power transmission from wind farm to power purchase point, EVN has to construct B&T1 step-up transformer substation 35/220kV and 220kV transmission line with a length of 18.28 km, B&T 220 kV switch substation for transit connecting wind farm to the existing 220 kV (circuit 1) Dong Ha- Dong Hoi.

So, clean energy development is currently guideline accompanied with strategy on tourism development a key economic sector of Quang Binh province.

In order to encourage the development of the renewable energy industry as planned targets, beside the local support policies, preferential treatment of the government with the motto "cooperation and development" and determination to make a breakthrough for becoming a developed province in the region, Quang Binh should continue to strengthen administrative reforms and improve the investment and business environment, maximally mobilize investment resources, develop socio-economic infrastructures to create the best conditions for foreign and domestic investors to survey and study the renewable energy projects in the provincial territory.


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