Specific Mechanisms for Ninh Thuan Nuclear Power Plant (NPP)

Specific Mechanisms for Ninh Thuan Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) - 

On March 9, Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai chaired a meeting for considering the mechanisms to support investment in infrastructure construction of the Ninh Thuan province with an aim to contribute to socio - economic development, living stability of the people in the area under influence of the NPP construction.

Deputy prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai at the meeting.

At the meeting, the concerned agencies presented their projects for support from the central budget and the ways of implementing these projects as well.

Ninh Thuan Province and the Ministry of Planning and Investment are also proposed a list of the important and urgent socio-economic infrastructure investment projects including the Tan My, Dam Nai irrigational lakes, Ninh Chu bridge and some coastal roads…

Speaking at the meeting, the DMP requested the relevant agencies to continue completing the projects on helping Ninh Thuan province with the focuses on the socio-economic development of the province, clarifying the impacts and problems newly rising during the every progressive stage implementation of the NPP construction.

DMP suggested to split off implementing the supporting projects into appropriate stages for ensuring a balance between the needs and resources, and add the supporting subprojects on culture, education, health ... for the local people.

“It is important to arrange the supporting projects in order of priority and separate the investment process into stages appropriating the progress of construction of two NPPs and ensuring reasonable connection with the planning projects, especially with the national target programs which are and will be going in the province" the Deputy Prime Minister stressed.

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