Raising skill for propaganda on nuclear power

Raising skill for propaganda on nuclear power - 

On August 12 in Ninh Thuan province, Press Department - Ministry of Information and Telecommunications in collaboration with the Department of Atomic Energy - Ministry of Science and Technology organized a "training course on skill for propaganda on construction of nuclear power in Vietnam", for correspondents of press agencies.

Participants of the training course were reporters of press agencies from the Centre, Ninh Thuan, Khanh Hoa and Lam Dong provinces...

The purpose of this training course is to help reporters of press agencies to understand fully and accurately about nuclear power, issues related to nuclear power; situation of nuclear power development in Vietnam; thereby to raise the skill for information and propaganda on nuclear power in Vietnam on the mass media.

According to Mr. Pham Quang Trung, Deputy Director of the Department of Atomic Energy - Ministry of Science and Technology, nuclear power is an economic sector with high, complex technology, and sensitive by the safety; the acceptance of the people is a crucial and prerequisite condition for the development of nuclear power and nuclear energy application in each country.

Vietnam is a country beginning to develop nuclear power, the organization for implementing activities of information and propaganda of nuclear power in nationwide by a synchronous, unified manner, according to the requirements of the roadmap of construction of nuclear power plants in Vietnam, creating a general consensus of the whole society is a meaningful job, contributing an important part to the successful, safe and sustainable development of nuclear power program ...

At the training course, the trainees were informed about: the nuclear power development situation in the world and the lessons from the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan; researching, preparing and infrastructure base developing process of nuclear power in Vietnam; nuclear safety; information, propaganda on nuclear power development and project implementation situation of the nuclear power plants in Ninh Thuan province.

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