Ninh Thuan province has licensed 27 Solar Power Projects

Ninh Thuan province has licensed 27 Solar Power Projects - 

  According to the Department of Planning and Investment (DOPI) of Ninh Thuan province, up to now, this province has issued investment decisions for 27 solar projects with a capacity of  1,618.85 MW.

In wich, that is distributed to the districts as follows: Ninh Son district has 04 projects with a total capacity of 258 MW, total investment capital of 8,202 billion VND; Ninh Phuoc district - 09 projects with a total capacity of 308 MW, total investment capital of 9,298.7 billion; Thuan Nam district - 10 projects with total capacity of 558.84 MW, total investment capital of 15,562 billion; Thuan Bac district - 03 projects with a total capacity of 404MW, total investment capital of 11,096 billion; Bac Ai district - 01 project with a capacity of 50MW, total investment of 1,418 billion.

Besides, 03 projects with a total capacity of 119.94 MW and the investment decision document of which is completing have been added by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to the Power Development Planning of Ninh Thuan province.

Up to now, among 27 projects the obligation to sign guaranteed funds to ensure the implementation of the project has been done for 15 projects, is being done for one and are not done yet for 11 projects; the Reports on environmental impact assessment (EIA) have been approved for 17 projects; the Feasibility Study (FS) Reports have been approved for 15 projects; the connections with power system have been approved for 14 projects and land procedures have been basically fulfilled for 15 projects.

It is expected that 12 solar power projects will be started in the third quarter of 2018, including My Son - Hoan Loc Viet, Bim 2, Bim 3, My Son 2, Ninh Phuoc 6.1, Ninh Phuoc 6.2, Phuoc Huu - Power company 1, Ninh Thuan 1, Hacom Solar, Adani Phuoc Minh, Xuan Thien Thuan Bac - Phase 1 and Xuan Thuan Bac - Phase 2.

According to information from the Vietnam Energy Journal, Ninh Thuan is a province with a large potential for solar energy, the average annual sunshine duration is the highest in the country with 2,843 hours per year, the actual annual radiation is 161.6 kcal/cm2, the average daily radiation equivalent to 5.221 kWh/m2, and the difference in solar radiation between the seasons is not high. Ninh Thuan is striving to become a center of renewable energy in the country.

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