Korean–Tra Vinh Wind Power Project phase 2 has been accepted for development

Korean–Tra Vinh Wind Power Project phase 2 has been accepted for development - 

Korean-Tra Vinh Wind  Power Project phase 2 has been accepted by Tra Vinh provincial People's Committee for Woojin Construction CO., LTD Investor (Korea) to develop.

The Korean – Tra Vinh Wind Power Project phase 2 is located on an area of 2,445 ha of water surface and 2.5 ha of ground for the project operation house in Truong Long Hoa commune, Duyen Hai town, Tra Vinh province. The project has a capacity of 96MW (48 wind turbines by 2MW each) and a generation of over 332.438 million kWh per year. The total investment of the project is more than VND 4,952 billion (equivalent to more than US$247.6 million), including 20% equity and 80% mobilized capital. The project lifetime is 50 years.

Korea - Tra Vinh Wind Power Project phase 1 with a design capacity of 48 MW, a generation of 173 million kWh per year and a total investment of US $130 million (VND 2,800 billion) expected to be in operation in Feb. 2017, is being developed by the Tra Vinh Wind Power Co., Ltd.

Developing Korea-Tra Vinh Wind Power Project has an important meaning to contribute to stable electricity supply for socio-economic development of Tra Vinh province and neighboring areas in Mekong river delta as well.

In the wind power development planning in Tra Vinh province to 2020, with the consideration up to 2030 approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Decision No.13309/QD-BCT dated 04/12/2015, there has been a wind power project with a total capacity of about 270MW and an average generation of 634 million kWh per year. This project occupies an area of about 7,620ha on coastal alluvial ground in Truong Long Hoa, Hiep Thanh, Dong Hai communes.

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