Khanh Hoa has agreed to develop the two Solar Power Projects in the province

Khanh Hoa has agreed to develop the two Solar Power Projects in the province - 

The information from Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) shows that the provincial administration has just agreed to invest the two solar power projects with a total capacity of 150 MW in this province.

The first project has a capacity of 100 MW and an average electricity generation of about 160 million kWh per year. The project with a total investment capital of over 2400 billion VND developed by Van Ninh KN Company Ltd occupies an area of 200 ha in Xuan Tay village, Van Hung commune, Van Ninh district.

The second project with a capacity of 50 MW and a total investment capital of 1904 billion VND, developed by the EVN Central Power Corporation, occupies an area of 70 ha in Cam An Bac commune, Cam Lam district.

At present, the project investors are finalizing investment procedures to submit project documents to Khanh Hoa PPC for consideration, and then send them to ministerial agencies for appraisal.

As the current regulations, for the solar power projects with capacity of 50 MW up, after agreement of PPC (on the policy), the project documents should be sent to Ministry of Industry and Trade for appraisal and submitted to Prime Minister for permission to be added to the list of generation projects in National Power Development Planning in 2011-2020 period and outlook up to 2030.

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