Japan will export nuclear power to Turkey and UAE

Japan will export nuclear power to Turkey and UAE - 

According to Vietnam News Agency, April 18th, the Japanese Congress approved a civil nuclear agreement with Turkey and United Arabs Emirates,  according to that, Japan will export nuclear power reactors to these rapid developing economies.

Sendai nuclear power plant in Satsumasendai city, Japan. (Source: AFP/VNA)

Japan signed above agreements with Turkey and UAE in 2013, in which stipulated that the fuel and nuclear equipment provided by Japan are used for peace aims. Japanese Senate passed these agreements at the plenary meeting after approvement of House of Representatives in early April.

Public opinion in Japan fears about the safty of nuclear power after the crisis in Fukushima Plant 1 in 2011. However, PM Abe decides to promote exporting infrastructure of Japan to the world and Japanese Government expects that this cooperation process will motivate the economic growth.

In Turkey, Japan has obtained a bid package for constructing 4 nuclear reactors in the vicinity of Black Sea, with a value of 2,200 billion yen (about 21,56 billion dollars).

In accordance with Japan-Turkey agreement, the two sides can carry out the activities of enrichment, nuclear waste retreatment agreed by the two governments.

Meanwhile, UAE is continuing the construction of nuclear power plants, started since 2012 and expected to be expanded.

Japan has completed the same agreements with 12 countries, so far and now, is carrying out negotiations with some of countries, including India.

The Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement with Turkey and UAE is the first result of the cooperation in nuclear area, approved by Japanese Parliament since 2011 dual disaster – earthquake and tsunami.

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