Innovations in energy “NewGen – Future Energy”

Innovations in energy “NewGen – Future Energy” - 

The 3rd International Forum on innovations in energy “NewGen – Future Energy” was held in Moscow. The forum was organized by the Nuclear Information and Exhibition Center  Atomexpo with the support from ROSATOM and the Ministry of Energy of Russia.

This year the forum business program included a panel session where experts discussed incentives for the innovative power generation development. The focus was on the international competition in the energy innovations market, further development of energy efficiency, energy saving and distributed energy development, as well as on development of the science and technology base.

In his address, Alexander Tuzov, deputy director for innovation management at ROSATOM, told the participants about the project of a multi-purpose research reactor. “We vector to development of energy sources, which ensure the country’s energy security and preserve the environment,” he noted.

The forum framed the round-table session “Russia’s innovative technologies in the ITER Project.” Deputy director of the Institute of Tokamak Physics of the NRC Kurchatov Institute Boris Kuteev, who was the first speaker, elaborated on prospects of hybrid physics (fusion-fission) in Russia.

According to Kuteev, the development of fusion technology today has reached the level, at which it is possible to discuss real projects of building a hybrid facility, with realistic dates and parameters. “Today, everything is in place to start the design process. Being implemented in parallel with the ITER Project, the hybrid project will substantially contribute to the development of a commercial fusion plant,” he noted.

Anatoly Krasilnikov, director of the ITER Project Center in Russia, spoke about the current progress of the ITER Project. Having described the construction progress at the site and key achievements in making installation components in Russia, he said: “In Russia, the process of concluding contracts for manufacture and supply of components runs at full gear; the manufacture and delivery is on schedule.”

The round-table session participants were unanimous that it is essential not to be late with the political decision to be made by the Russian Government to run the national hybrid fusion reactor project timely and effectively. The topical issue of staff training for the ITER Project and Russian hybrid reactor project implementation was also addressed.

The Power Efficiency Center of INTER RAO UES, a joint venture of Russia’s two largest utilities – ROSATOM and INTER RAO Group – held the round-table session “Energy Efficiency of ROSATOM’s Enterprises.” Its participants included members of the State Duma of Russia, Council of Federation of Russia, general public and representatives of commercial companies.

“The expenditures to implement energy saving and energy efficiency enhancement projects across all ROSATOM’s enterprises turned out to be justified as compared to already built up savings. Just look, RUB 13.9 Billion in 2010 - 2013.

I would like to note that the calculation results are given in the 2009 prices; given the annual readjustments toward energy resource rates the real saving exceeds the said numbers,” said Tamara Merebashvili, deputy CEO for commercial issues at the Power Efficiency Center of INTER RAO UES. The energy saving and energy efficiency measures brought about 22.2% of a total saving of fuel and energy resources at all ROSATOM’s enterprises, with the economic effect reaching RUB 13.9 Billion, against 2009.

“ROSATOM is working proactively: the target saving of 25% should be achieved only by 2015. Given the reduction rate of energy consumption, this indicator will be achieved earlier than the target time.

However, the company sets the task of continuing its work on improvement of energy efficiency, given the current unutilized potential and formulation of target indicators aimed at actual cost reduction,” Timofey Sumin, head of the project “Energy Efficiency Improvement” at ROSATOM, pointed out.

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