HAWEE IDC is the EPC contractor for the solar project in Long An province

HAWEE IDC is the EPC contractor for the solar project in Long An province - 

HAWEE IDC has coordinated with Long An Duc Hue TTC Company to hold the ground-breaking ceremony of TTC Duc Hue 1 Solar Power Project.

Mr. Duong Xuan De - General Director of Hawee Group (3rd from right) together with representatives of Investors, PMU and Sharp Contractor at the ground breaking ceremony of TTC Duc Hue 1 solar power project.

TTC Duc Hue 1 is a project in the development strategy of 20 solar projects of Thanh Cong Group (TTC Group),

Cooperation with Sharp Energy Solution Corporation (Japan) and Sharp Solar Solution Asia (Thailand) - the world leaders in the production and construction of solar power projects, marking the important milestone for HAWEE IDC to become an international EPC contractor.

HAWEE IDC is also one of the few construction contractors in Vietnam firstly to carry out direct construction of solar power plants.

Developing solar power plants will be a strategic market for HAWEE to invest in, as Vietnam is ranked among the countries with the highest solar radiation. Therefore, investment potential in developing the solar power plants in the future will be very large.

With the noble aim that HAWEE IDC aims to bring to the community and society, HAWEE IDC has committed to provide the appropriate construction solutions for the solar power project to achieve the required capacity and efficiency, contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and climate change as well as environmental pollution.

Successful developing Duc Hue TTC 1 solar power project will be the foundation for HAWEE to conquer the clean energy sector, as in the near future, environmentally friendly solar power plants will be added to the national power system and promote socio-economic development.

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