Government reviews the progress of establishing the legal documents on nuclear power

Government reviews the progress of establishing the legal documents on nuclear power - 

On 17th September morning, the Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai chaired a meeting of the  State Steering Committee of the Nuclear Power Projects to review the progress of establishing a system of legal documents for these new and important  projects.

The Ministry of Science and Technology as a clue agency assigned by the government had an general report on a plan for drafting legal documents on nuclear power.

Accordingly, the relative legal documents have been fully built, from the Law on Atomic Energy (Amendment), to the Guiding Decrees and Circulars of the Ministries, where regulated in detail all the issues in atomic energy field such as: mechanisms and specific management policies, the Implementation of Ninh Thuan nuclear power project, financial obligation of organizations have its factories; research route, opinion receiving, technology development; regime for people who studying and working in atomic field...

Related agencies also reported an overall plan to develop infrastructure serve for the nuclear power development, mechanisms, policies for the nuclear fuel cycle, radioactive waste management and spent nuclear fuel management; systems on the national proceduring and processing standards, radiation warning, control and inspection of nuclear safety, waste management, radioactive sources.

Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai pointed out, along with the project investment and preparing the human resource for operation, the building a system of legal documents on nuclear power is one out of three major task groups of the first nuclear power project in our country.

Last time, ministries, sectors and Ninh Thuan province has deployed positively in creating the initial legal framework, in particular the documents for the preparation and approval of safety analysis report and environmental impact assessment.

However, workload, document, standard system and regulations are very large, the authorities should actively and closely deployment, more efficient, especially for the documents serve for engineering design stage and plant construction license in next time.

Deputy Prime Minister also expressed his opinion on the specific mechanisms, cost for making the drafting of legal documents, standard applying, technical regulations for nuclear power plant.

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