Gia Lai is considering 33 solar power projects for investment

Gia Lai is considering 33 solar power projects for investment - 

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Gia Lai provincial Department of Planning and Investment (DPI) informed that so far Gia Lai Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) has allowed 23 investors to investigate and survey for investment in 33 solar power projects with a total capacity of 3,951.5 MWp.

Among 33 projects, there are two projects having been approved for supplementary planning with the total capacity of 98 MWp and total investment capital of VND 2,672 billion under implementation of investment and construction procedures; 11 projects with a total capacity of 675 MWp submitted by the PPC to the competent authority for consideration and additional approval to the planning; 20 projects with a capacity of about 3,195 MWp being investigated and surveyed for the planning additional documents Besides, there are 12 investors which are surveying to select locations for 17 projects with a total capacity of about 1,333 MWp.

Gia Lai is a province with a large potential for the solar power development: the annual average number of sunny hours in the province is 1900 – 2200; daily average solar radiation – 4.8 – 5.2 kWh/m2. With the favorable conditions, the total capacity of solar power projects in the province is expected about 4600 MW, of which 2100 MW for grounding projects and 2,500 MW for the floating ones.

Although being a province with the large solar energy potential but so far in Gia Lai, there is only a small solar power project with a capacity of 100 kW. This project is combined with 25 kW mini hydropower station supplying electricity for 400 households in Trang commune, Dak Doa district. This is a joint scientific research project between the Institute of Energy (IE) and Japanese NEDO with a total investment of $ 2 million, funded by NEDO and transferred to Gia Lai electricity company from 1999.

Regarding the wind power, Gia Lai PPC has agreed for five investors to install wind measuring devices to survey and evaluate wind potential as a basis for investment in wind power projects.

On biomass electricity, in March 2018, An Khe Biomass Thermal Power Plant with a capacity of 110 MW, total investment capital of 2,000 billion VND was put into operation.

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