Approving wind power development planning of Ca Mau province

Approving wind power development planning of Ca Mau province - 

Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has approved  "Wind Power Development Planning of Ca Mau province to 2020 with a vision up to 2030".

According to the approved planning project, the wind power installed capacity in Ca Mau province is to reach 350 MW by 2020 and more than 3,600 MW by 2030.

To achieve this goal, the six coastal districts as Dam Doi, Nam Can and Ngoc Hien (Area I); Phu Tan, Tran Van Thoi and U Minh (Area II) with the huge wind power development potential included in planning.

Among the total 3,600 MW wind power capacity in Ca Mau, about 2,300 MW distributed in 11 communes of the Area I; the remaining capacity distributed in 10 communes and towns of the Area II.

In 2016-2020 period, Ca Mau province expects to develop 5 wind power projects with a total installed capacity of 350 MW and a generation of about 997.5 million kWh on 9,000 ha in coastal areas of Ngoc Hien and Dam Doi districts.

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