A workshop on nuclear reactos on the occation of 30th Anniversary of Da Lat Research Reactor

A workshop on nuclear reactos on the occation of 30th Anniversary of Da Lat Research Reactor - 

On 19th March, 2014, a workshop on nuclear reactor was held in Da Lat city by the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of Da lat Research Reactor.

Mr. V.A.Pershukov - Deputy general director of Rosatom speaking at the workshop.

At the workshop, Mrs. V.A.Pershukov, deputy general director of the Russian national atom energy corporation (Rosatom) and M.K.Romanichev, general director of SNIIP-SISTEMATOM spoke on the Design, Operation and Use of Research Reactors.

The participants of the workshop also discussed issues on the role of research reactors in developing nuclear industry of a country, technology for manufactoring safe reactors, and training specialists for nuclear energy sector.

In his speech, entitled “Russian Research Reactors Today and in the Future”, Mr. Pershukov presented the modern technologies of Russia in the manufacturing research reactors, as well as emphasized the characteristics of the research reactor expected for construction in Vietnam. Today, Russia is an world leading country on the number of research reactors and actively contributes to assistence for construction of the new research reactor in Vietnam. So far, there are 23 reactors in 19 countries around the world built by the designs of Russia. The establishment of Neutron International Researching Center in Russia, based on PIK heavy water reactor should be an great turn at the global level

In the presentation on the “Key principles for creating Control and Protection Systems of Research Reactors”, Mr.Romanichev shared usefull experiences of Russia in the sphere of radiative safety with Vietnamese colleagues.

The Russian and Vietnam are currently discussing a project on building a new research centre and research reactor in Vietnam. Mr.Pershukov said, “The main task of the centre is training specialists in the field of nuclear science and energy. The centre is a necessary project assisting Vietnam to become a country which owns not only nuclear power plants, but also a team of specialits with high level for operating these ones.“ The new 15 MW reactor will not only be used for researching fundamental sciences, but also participate very much in other fields as chemistry and medicine.

The new research centre is an important step towards the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Vietnam and developing technologies in the nuclear energy sector, and as well as a special project for the anniversary in 2014.

The Da lat Research Reactor

60 years ago, the first in the world nuclear power plant in Obninsk (100 km from Moscow) started to energize a small scientific town. As the pioneer of the peaceful use of atomic energy, Russia has built many safe and reliable nuclear plants in various countries around the world and is developing new nuclear technologies. In 2014 Rosatom has become the world leading corpolation on the number of nuclear power plants having been and being built in many countries.

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