Vinacomin is a leader in the application of new and environmentally-friendly technologies

Vinacomin is a leader in the application of new and environmentally-friendly technologies - 

A sustainable socioeconomic development model with a focus on environmental protection is a long-term strategic objective for the country in the current period, which also requires a positive application of domestic and foreign scientific and technological advancements.

In a pursuit of efficient and sustainable socioeconomic development and environmental protection, Vietnam has promoted the development and application of new and clean technologies. For example, the Development and Application of Biotechnology in Environmental Protection until 2020 project approved by the Prime Minister via Decision 1660/QD-TTg and a national key project for scientific research on disaster prevention, environmental protection and rational use of natural resources have been effectively deployed.

Many scientific achievements as results from these projects and programs have been applied such as biological preparations and equipment for treatment of medical, industrial, hazardous and animal waste and natural disaster forecasting technology.

The successful research of Biomix1 probiotics used in the making of compost from animal and poultry waste and straw was evaluated for improvement of rural environment and crop yields. By a rough estimate, every 60 tonnes BIOMIX1 preparation when used will yield in about 60,000 tonnes of organic fertilizers. In addition, the construction of biogas cellars will effectively resolve energy problems while reducing environmental pollution.

A series of technical solutions to mitigate floods and the effects of storms were developed and have proved effective, especially for reservoir water level adjustment and irrigation plans. Losses caused by natural disasters have been reduced and hundreds of domestic environmental technicians have been intensively trained.

New and environmentally-friendly technologies at corporate-level have also strongly being deployed. For example, the Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin) decided to use modern coal selection systems with an annual capacity of 250,000-650,000 tonnes at all of its mines, which help reduce 20-30 percent coal losses in mining, while significantly increasing labor productivity and reducing environmental pollution and occupational disease for workers. In addition, it also adopted anti-erosion solutions, especially vetiver grass farming around coal mines.

According to the Environmental Protection Act, organizations, businesses and individuals investing in the field of environmental protection will have priority access to loans from environmental protection funds. In case of obtaining loans from other credit institutions, they shall be considered to receive support in terms of interest rates or credit guarantee according to the rules stipulated by environmental protection funds. Government Decree 04/2009/ND-CP clearly defines organizations and individuals that have investment projects in research, transfer and application of environmentally-friendly technologies will receive incentives related to land rental and capital, tax exemptions or reductions and product sales support.

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