Science and technology mark 55-year development

Science and technology mark 55-year development - 

Vietnam’s science and technology industry has strongly developed over 55 years.

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Perfecting policies

The legal system on science and technology has basically been completed, creating a favorable legal environment for science and technology activities. To date, eight important science and technology laws were issued together with hundreds of guidance documents, contributing to gradually perfecting policies and creating the most favorable conditions for organizations and individuals working in science and technology field.

In the 2009-2013 period, the Ministry of Science and Technology adopted 235 legal documents and submitted to the National Assembly, the government and the prime minister for approval, including three laws (amended Intellectual Property Law, Measuremen

t Law and amended Science and Technology Law), 68 prime ministerial decrees, resolutions and decisions and 164 ministerial circulars.

The introduction of Resolution 20-NQ/TW dated November 1, 2012 on developing science and technology serving industrialization and modernization in the market economy and international integration created a breakthrough, encouraging the development of science and technology in the context of new opportunities and challenges.

Law on Science and Technology took effect in 2014 will be the legal basis for the Ministry of Science and Technology in collaboration with ministries and local departments to submit to the government about innovation policies for organizations, management and operational mechanisms, investment mode and financial mechanisms in science and technology.

Decrees were submitted to the government with new contents and approaches in science and technology management towards modernity, contributing to removing barriers and promoting creativity in accordance with science and technology activities. Decrees aimed at efficiency through contributions to the implementation of goals and the country’s socioeconomic development.

Greater efforts to perfect legal documents have shown the determination in creating a favorable legal corridor for science and technology activities.

Outstanding achievements

Science and technology have positively contributed to the country’s socioeconomic development with a range of outstanding achievements in various fields. Some basic research fields such as mathematics and theoretical physics have high ranks in the ASEAN region. The number of published and cited research works increased by 10 percent per year in the 2009-2013 period and ranked fourth in the Southeast Asia and 57th in the world. In addition, the number of inventions, useful solutions and industrial designs also strongly increased.

Science and technology in the agricultural sector have achieved many outstanding achievements. Since 2009, dozens of plants and livestock with high productivity, quality and efficiency have been put into production. In addition, the successful deployment and announcing results of the project on decoding gene of Vietnamese rice varieties has contributed to establishing and consolidating the national gene system.

Science and technology in the industrial and energy sector has also achieved many significant achievements such as completely changing fuels in the Da Lat Nuclear Reactor into Low Enriched Uranium (LEU), moving High Enriched Uranium (HEU) to Russia, assembling and launching the 90 meter jack-up drilling rig in accordance with the conditions of Vietnam. The project on assembling and launching the 90 meter jack-up drilling rig has brought greater economic efficiency, contributing to enhancing the localization rate and reducing costs.

The Quang Trung Mechanical Enterprise successfully designed and put some systems into operation in the Son La Hydropower Plant, contributing to shortening the construction schedule from one to two years and increasing economic efficiency to thousands of billions of Vietnam dong.

Successfully manufacturing Viglacera’s autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), manufacturing equipment serving steel processing and producing control panels for the Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant were also outstanding achievements.

Science and technology in the health sector has also achieved many significant steps such as successfully applying endovascular intervention technique to treat aneurysms and successfully preparing Lu-177 radioactive isotopes using in diagnosis and treatment of cancer at local hospitals. In addition, thyroid endoscope surgery remains strength of Vietnam.

In particular, the Military Hospital 103 doctors successfully performed multi- organ transplant technique. The success of multi-organ transplant technique has contributed to confirming skills and qualification of Vietnamese doctors. In the near future, scientists will conduct a research to transplant intestine and blood vessel.

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